Premios 11º aniversario GoMultiplayer
16 February, 2024

The videogames magazine GoMultiplayer is celebrating its 11th anniversary of launch this month and it does so with a great event in which we will raffle more than €4,000 in prizes. That a hobby project like this has managed to last and grow so much is really exciting. In these years we have published nearly…

4 September, 2023

This week I’m celebrating the launch of the new design of the GoMultiplayer digital magazine. This is version 3.0 since I decided to launch this project overnight after ending my relationship with With it I have sought to offer a cleaner and more modern interface, with improved usability for all our readers. This is…

24 December, 2021

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmasnarok and New Year 2022 holidays. I hope that we can put this dystopian 2021, the Covid and all its collateral effects behind once and for all, and we can focus on being happy and making our projects grow. If I look back at the…

18 November, 2021

Rob Riches, my new video game, is now available both on PC (Steam), as well as on Android mobiles (GooglePlay) such as iPhone and iPad (Apple Store). This is the seventh video game I have released, since Age of Conan, and the fifth with Megapop Games. The truth is, I am very proud of the…

10 May, 2021

GoMultiplayer magazine celebrated its 9th anniversary in February and one of the pending tasks that it had dragged on for a long time was to give it a major facelift. Its theme and design had become obsolete and the web was crying out for mimes. I have finally been able to dedicate the time and…

17 February, 2021

Recently the immeasurable Martin Scorsese has shared several reflections and statements about how he feels the world of cinema is today, especially with the entry into play of the great streaming platforms and on-demand content. That is why on Twitter I have shared a thread with my own reflections as a result of several comments…

9 February, 2021

February is coming and it’s time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of my digital magazine, GoMultiplayer. This project was born eight years ago to give continuity to the path that I undertook with only 17 years in the Micromanía magazine, and later, for almost 9 years, in Juegaenred, which was the first magazine in Spanish…

June 2024