My magazine GoMultiplayer celebrates its 11th anniversary of launch

The videogames magazine GoMultiplayer is celebrating its 11th anniversary of launch this month and it does so with a great event in which we will raffle more than €4,000 in prizes. That a hobby project like this has managed to last and grow so much is really exciting. In these years we have published nearly 15,000 news, articles, reviews and promotions. It is a hobby in which I have not only invested many hours of my time, but with which I have been able to train and create a great team of professionals.

This last year has been very special, since with the new additions to the team, especially my editor-in-chief Alexander Alegría, a great push has been given to improve the quality of the magazine’s content. It has been done by placing a great focus on the audiovisual aspect, prioritizing our video game reviews in audiovisual format, rather than in writing. And we have done it both with original editions for YouTube and special editions for TikTok.

Although it is a hobby, seeing that so many users appreciate our content and that companies, studios and agencies, both national and international, are betting on us, supporting us without fissures, despite being a small independent media, is priceless. I hope to continue nurturing this project, this hobby, this dream, so that not only it continues to grow, but also all the people who have agreed to be part of it.

Patrocinadores 11º Aniversario de GoMultiplayer

If you want to try your luck, until this Sunday it is possible to participate in the big giveaway for more than €4,000 in prizes, mainly videogames, but also my books. You can do it in GoMultiplayer.


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