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Born in 1982 in Barcelona, Xavier Marcé graduated in Journalism in the city of Seville, where he established permanent residence, after having lived in Casablanca, Zurich and Oslo.

Since 1996 he began to specialize in communication and management of online communities, within the video game sector. He was responsible for three years for the popular Zona Online of the Micromanía magazine and, in 2004, he founded, together with David Puig, Juegaenred.com, the first digital magazine in Spanish specialized in massively multiplayer online gaming. In 2013 he launches GoMultiplayer.com to continue his editorial philosophy.

In 2007 he was hired by Funcom to be the Spanish Community Manager for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and The Secret World. Position he held until 2010, at which point he left the company to focus on his own projects.

In 2012 he founded his own publishing house to launch ‘Mark of Odin’ as a pioneering product in the literary and publishing world destined to show a new path in the industry according to current social needs. His pioneering and entrepreneurial work with this project is worth it so that in 2013 he is highlighted as an 'Entrepreneur with ingenuity' by the 'Entrepreneurs Magazine' and to be awarded as one of the '100 Best Ideas of 2013' by the magazine 'Actualidad Económica' . At present, Mark of Odin has reached nearly 100,000 readers in Spanish and English and has made the leap to audiobooks.

In 2013 he joined other veterans of Funcom and ArtPlan in the recently created Norwegian studio Megapop Games as International Head of Marketing & PR to participate in the development and publication of titles such as Trolls vs Vikings, Meganumbers, Haxity or Trolls vs Vikings 2. In addition , Acts as a creative and business development consultant for the company.

Restless and proactive person, Xavier Marcé combines writing and his projects with the training of professionals in Community Management and crisis management, both from the University of Seville, with his own master's degree in Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies and his expert degree in Community Manager, as well as externally, acting as an advisor in different areas, such as video games or tourism and catering.



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