3 April, 2024

I am proud to be able to share that my transmedia literary saga of Mark of Odin has already exceeded 160,000 readers worldwide. Seeing how the number of books sold and downloaded continues to increase is something that gives me strength to continue working on the dream and project of XaviVerso. And now with the…

La marca de Odín versión 3.0
15 March, 2024

After several months of hard work we have finally launched version 3.0 of the Mark of Odin online community. This new version of the website of my transmedia literary saga has been made completely from scratch, although preserving all the previous data. It not only offers a renewed design, but also better usability and gamification…

Premios 11º aniversario GoMultiplayer
16 February, 2024

The videogames magazine GoMultiplayer is celebrating its 11th anniversary of launch this month and it does so with a great event in which we will raffle more than €4,000 in prizes. That a hobby project like this has managed to last and grow so much is really exciting. In these years we have published nearly…

Are you ready for XaviVerso books?
11 February, 2024

This week I announced that I will publish English editions of all my books in 2024, including the thrillers ‘The Stone Lotus’, ‘Yes, They Will Pass!’ and the ‘Mark of Odin’ saga. I have done so after confirming that the translation of ‘The Stone Lotus’ has been completed and that it is currently in the…

22 December, 2023

Like every year I want to take a moment to wish you all a happy Christmas season and a prosperous New Year 2024. I sincerely hope that you can enjoy a little peace these days with your friends and family, along with moments of laughter, joy and good meals. This 2023 that is ending has…

20 December, 2023

After a lot of work we have finally been able to launch the Digital Collectors Editions of my books along with the XaviVerso Online Pass Serial Keys account improvement systems. This is a very important step in order to be able to offer my content digitally to readers around the world. My digital collector’s editions…

Libros de Sí pasarán
15 December, 2023

This Friday, December 15, we have proceeded to send all the Collector’s Editions of ‘Yes, they will pass’ from the reservation campaign carried out for the launch of the XaviVerso. Shipments have been made using a new courier provider (Correos Exprés) after having to change it at the last minute due to the closure of…

12 October, 2023

This week I revealed on social media that I am immersed in the production of an express project: Writing and publishing a new novel this autumn-winter of 2023. There are several factors that have influenced me to make this decision. On the one hand, I want to reinforce the official launch of the XaviVerso not…

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