The Stone Lotus now available worldwide.
7 June, 2024

After many months of hard work, I am pleased to announce that the English edition of The Stone Lotus is now on sale worldwide in paper, ebook and audiobook. From today, readers around the world will be able to enjoy the thriller that I wrote after my first stay in Vietnam both in the XaviVerso…

27 May, 2024

I am pleased to announce that I have finally published the Spanish Sixth Edition of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla both in the XaviVerso store and the Mark of Odin portal, as well as on external platforms. Since last Friday, readers can now download the updated version of the book, both in ebook and…

3 April, 2024

I am proud to be able to share that my transmedia literary saga of Mark of Odin has already exceeded 160,000 readers worldwide. Seeing how the number of books sold and downloaded continues to increase is something that gives me strength to continue working on the dream and project of XaviVerso. And now with the…

Are you ready for XaviVerso books?
11 February, 2024

This week I announced that I will publish English editions of all my books in 2024, including the thrillers ‘The Stone Lotus’, ‘Yes, They Will Pass!’ and the ‘Mark of Odin’ saga. I have done so after confirming that the translation of ‘The Stone Lotus’ has been completed and that it is currently in the…

29 September, 2023

I continue with the big announcements and to close the month of September, nothing better than announcing that I have published the second edition of The Stone Lotus in Spanish, just ten months after publishing the first edition. Starting today, interested readers will be able to purchase the updated edition in paper form on Amazon…

8 June, 2023

Today I share the first of the fruits of my Asia Tour 2023, which is none other than having signed with the literary agency Squirrel Communication and Culture to represent me in Vietnam with the aim of reaching agreements to translate and publish my current and future books with regional publishers. The contract was signed…

15 May, 2023

More than 140,000 readers are already enjoying the Mark of Odin saga, whether on paper, ebook or audiobook! I can’t think of better news to face what remains of the last phase of my Asia Tour 2023 to introduce this epic and exciting intellectual property. And it is that so far in 2023 more than…

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