I’ll publish all my books in English starting with The Stone Lotus

This week I announced that I will publish English editions of all my books in 2024, including the thrillers ‘The Stone Lotus’, ‘Yes, They Will Pass!’ and the ‘Mark of Odin’ saga. I have done so after confirming that the translation of ‘The Stone Lotus’ has been completed and that it is currently in the proofreading and editing stage. This important investment, which began in 2023, is part of my international expansion plan for 2024-2025, with which I hope to translate my works not only into English, but into more languages, to be able to exponentially expand my global reach.

The Stone Lotus Cover

A very clear objective

From the beginning I have had it very clear. I had to do everything necessary so that more readers can enjoy my intellectual properties and that their numbers can continue to grow, as well as facilitate the production of new stories that are on the queue list. Except for the publication in 2018 of the English edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening, my focus has been the Spanish language and the Spanish and Latin American market. Now I know that I must go further if I want to achieve my dreams.

More than 14 years ago, when I made the final decision to turn my passion of writing into a transmedia and business literary project, it was clear to me that if I wanted to forge my own path I would have to go through an infinite marathon in which I would have to overcome a multitude of obstacles. and compete under unequal conditions. Being an independent author and book publisher has given me important freedom and flexibility, but it has also closed many doors for me, regardless of the incredible milestones achieved. Not for nothing, few authors can say that their works have managed to seduce nearly 160,000 readers worldwide!

This strategy does not imply that it closes the doors to associations or collaborations with third parties. As long as they can prove that they can offer added value to my vision and intellectual properties, our doors will always be open to see, listen and decide. Now, in all those cases (and markets) in which this is not possible, we are going to take a more proactive and expansive stance with the spirit and passion that have marked this project since its birth.

Web del XaviVerso en inglés

What began as a book saga complemented by an online platform with gamification features and transmedia content, has evolved into the XaviVerso, a literary universe in which everything is connected. On the occasion of this announcement we have also finally launched the English version of its portal and online store. At the moment, only the Mark of Odin: Awakening Online Pass is available in English. But as they are available, I will sell the digital collector’s editions from there, while the standard editions will be sold worldwide through the main external platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books and Kobo).

I encourage you to stay tuned for my news, as there will be many coming in the coming months.

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