I wish you a happy Christmas season and a prosperous New Year 2024

Like every year I want to take a moment to wish you all a happy Christmas season and a prosperous New Year 2024. I sincerely hope that you can enjoy a little peace these days with your friends and family, along with moments of laughter, joy and good meals.

Merry Xmas from Xavier Marce

This 2023 that is ending has been very intense, with many new developments, challenges, surprises and battles, some of which are still ongoing. It’s been another crazy year for me. I started with my sights set on Asia, where I went on an adventure for four months to publicize my books and look for expansion opportunities in some of the most interesting and emerging markets in the world. I can say that the investment and effort made have provided me with knowledge, contacts and experiences that have been vital for me to grow and face the next challenges.

That trip completely convinced me to leave my comfort zone and take the step of renewing and completely changing my entire strategy and marketing. It marked the launch of the XaviVerso, a very ambitious but risky bet, since it has been accompanied by a comprehensive change in all my work over the last eleven years. Changing servers, starting the production of the new XaviVerso website, while designing a new one for Mark of Odin, trying not to lose all the content and data… It has been and is being crazy full of adrenaline, suspense and A lot of action!

Deciding to write, produce and publish the new ‘Yes, They Will Pass’ book has added more spicy and explosive ingredients to the recipe. Honestly, I still don’t know how I haven’t ended up collapsing, but I guess I can’t change and it’s just the way I am. When my mind commands that it must be created, everything else does not matter, it must be done. And so we have reached the end of 2023, on a thousand fronts, going against the clock, forcing the march, but also being aware that I could not do everything and had to delay-delay things.

There are pending and urgent things that we are working on right now:

  • Continue polishing the XaviVerso website
  • Finish and migrate the new Mark of Odin website
  • Finishing the Sixth Edition of The Road to Valhalla
  • Start Ragnarok Third Edition
  • Finish production and publication of The Dark Hybrid (First Ragnarok Bonus Chapter)
  • A series of big surprises for 2024 that will mark our international expansion strategy

As you can see, there is a lot of work left and, although I want to do a thousand things at the same time, I have not yet managed to clone myself, teleport myself or alter the flow of time. So it’s time to take things slowly to be able to do them properly. Especially considering that personally I am also considering big changes in my life and future, although always with the goal of growing and improving. I am committed to the end to make my dreams come true. With you, my readers, I know that there will be no impossible challenge, no matter how costly it may be.

We will continue fighting, always, no matter what enemies we have to defeat, what walls we have to climb, or what fears we have to overcome!


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