I publish the Spanish Third Edition of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok

I am pleased to announce that I have finally published the Spanish Third Edition of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok both in the XaviVerso store and the Mark of Odin portal, as well as on external platforms. Starting today, readers can now download the updated version of the book, both in ebook and audiobook, as well as purchase the print edition on Amazon. The Collector’s Edition available in the XaviVerso store will be available from the next reprint that we order after exhausting the current stock.

Diseño de cubierta de la tercera edición de La marca de Odín: Ragnarok

With this Third Edition I complete the project to comprehensively improve the dialogues in all the books of the Mark of Odin saga, to offer a better reading experience for all readers. These works began in the summer of 2023 and we have finally been able to complete it. In addition, the new version of the audiobook includes four voices to offer a much more dynamic and enjoyable listening experience for readers.

Remember, registered readers can download this new edition for free and directly on both the XaviVerso and Mark of Odin portals. On external platforms, those who have purchased it can also do so on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books and Kobo.


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