We have already sent all the books of The Stone Lotus Spanish Pre-order Campaign

I am happy to share that we have finally sent out all the copies of The Stone Lotus for the readers who participated in the early bird campaign that took place last October. It’s been a very busy and exciting week since the friends at Printcolor shipped the books earlier than expected.

These days I have had to prepare myself mentally and physically to be able to dedicate all the books without injuring myself or losing my hand. Which has not been an impediment to add humor and prepare this fun video that I shared with the readers.

Throughout this past weekend, I have been dedicating all the numbered issues that were personalized with the readers’ names, as well as preparing packages. Thus, this morning, our collaborating courier, TIPSA, has come to collect everything. If all goes well, in the next few days, readers from all over Spain should receive their books. The residents of the Balearic and Canary Islands are in luck, since their books were sent last Friday and we already know that some of them have already received them today.

The next thing is going to be to focus on finishing preparing the next release of The Stone Lotus on paper on Amazon and as an ebook and audiobook on external digital platforms.

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November 2022