The Lotus Stone is officially released in Spanish worldwide

I am very excited to share that The Stone Lotus is now officially on sale in Spanish on the Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books and Kobo digital platforms, as well as on paper through Amazon. Starting today, readers from all over the world will be able to access this fast-paced thriller of suspense and action, to follow in the footsteps of intelligence officer Carla Romero, in her search for the truth of an intriguing family mystery that will connect Spain and Vietnam, from the war to the present.

This very special moment follows the successful pre-order campaign in October 2022, in which participating readers managed to get hold of an exclusive limited numbered edition with their names printed. It has not been even a week since the copies of this campaign began to arrive and during these days many readers have shared photos of their books, as well as unboxing videos upon receiving them and, even, those who have already finished reading and shared your excellent opinions. Here is the one published by the Mexican singer based in Madrid, Tyna Ros.


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Una publicación compartida de El Loto de Piedra (@lotodepiedra)

As I said before, with The Stone Lotus I hope to reach a wider audience, passionate about thrillers, who can join the close to 130,000 readers that I have already convinced with the Mark of Odin saga. For me, The Stone Lotus is a vital project and a personal challenge after living in Vietnam for several months in 2022. With this book I not only seek to offer a fast-paced story that entertains and intrigues, but also serves as a bridge with which readers can fall in love with Vietnam and its people. Furthermore, it has been a challenge for me to prove to myself that I was capable of producing and publishing a work like this in record time.

Below you have all the options and platforms where you can acquire The Stone Lotus.

Paperback edition:


Ebook edition:

Mark of Odin store (soon)
Amazon Kindle
Google Play Books
Apple Books

Audiobook edition:

Google Play Books
Kobo (soon)

After this worldwide launch of The Stone Lotus, my next step will be to focus on trying to reach as many readers as possible, as well as publicizing intellectual property. My expectations include being able to sell rights soon to other languages and, who knows, maybe for cinema, since I think it is a story that could fit well in the current landscape on the big screen or on platforms.

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