The Stone Lotus will be my new thriller novel

I am proud to announce that ‘The Stone Lotus’ (El loto de piedra in Spanish) is the title of my next fiction thriller novel as a result of my stay in Vietnam for several months in 2022. I make this announcement with the launch of its official website and social media accounts. Also, the most important thing is that I have confirmed that the Early Pre-order Campaign for ‘The Stone Lotus’ will start on October 3rd through the Mark of Odin store.

On the website of ‘El loto de piedra’ I have prepared an extended description of the story, as well as introductions to the main characters, the locations they appear in and also the music. This book will not be an exception and will have its transmedia component, especially focused on music, which will be very present in all the chapters with a lot of symbolism. An English version will come soon.

The Early Booking Campaign will offer the opportunity to obtain an exclusive printed edition numbered with the buyer’s name printed, as well as their inclusion in the acknowledgments as ‘Pioneer Agents’. As I did with Ragnarok, we will try to offer more extras and incentives for all those readers who participate in the advance reservation. Not only that, for the duration of the campaign, all editions of Mark of Odin will have a 10% discount in our store.

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September 2022