I celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the transmedia literary saga of Mark of Odin

Just ten years ago I took a step forward and shared with the world the transmedia literary project of Mark of Odin. I did it by publishing Mark of Odin: The Awakening and launching its innovative online platform with gamification features, where readers could enjoy the extended universe of transmedia content. Ten years have passed and since then there have been a thousand and one adventures that have made the intellectual property of Mark of Odin has not stopped growing.

In ten years I have managed to reach more than 114,000 readers from all over the world, publish the first three books of the saga (The Awakening, Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok) in Spanish and the first in English. Not only that, I have been able to produce the audiobook editions, which I have recently shared and announced in Spanish. Some audiobooks that have been included free to registered readers and for future readers who purchase the collector’s and digital editions of the Mark of Odin store.

It has been done by making The Awakening, the first book in the saga, remain at the top of the science fiction ranking since 2015, with more than 60 Top 1s in Amazon Spain. All this with the growing support of readers who have not ceased to surprise me. From their reviews, messages of support, to the production of their own content such as illustrations, renders, bronze engravings, videos, reading clubs… A real blast!

In my Letter from the Author #82: 10 Years of Mark of Odin, in addition to reviewing what has been achieved in the last ten years, I have advanced some of the novelties that fans of the saga will be able to enjoy in the coming months. Not only that, I have revealed the synopsis of what will be my next independent fiction novel that I will talk about here later.

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July 2022