Spain and Vietnam will meet in my next independent fiction novel

In my last Letter from the Author of Mark of Odin I revealed the first details of what will be my next independent novel in which Spain and Vietnam will meet. I hope this book will be the first result of my adventure in Asia, after living for two months in Hanoi, Vietnam. During that time I had the opportunity to investigate, research, document, meet people and discovered stories that could serve as a reference for various projects.

This first independent novel since I started the Mark of Odin saga will be a thriller that mixes action, intrigue, adventure and travel. It is a story that will offer an exciting plot that, although based on real historical events, with the Spanish ’12 of fame’ of the Vietnam War as a starting point, evolves towards pure fiction, presenting a modern situation that is somewhat different from our reality. With it I also seek to touch on different relevant issues in our society, such as the role of women in Vietnamese society, awareness of mental disorders and, of course, promoting tourism and culture in Vietnam. Not for nothing, if I have learned anything from my stay in the Southeast Asian country, it is that I have fallen in love with it and its people.

Although I already have the title chosen for this novel, for the moment I will not make it public. Of course, I have already shared its temporary synopsis, which you can read below.

For as long as she could remember, CNI intelligence officer Carla Romero has been convinced that her grandfather, a medical officer in the parachute brigade of the Spanish Army, died during an accident in the Sahara in 1968. Everything will change after a failed operation that will put an end to her meteoric career at the CNI. Relegated to ostracism, Carla will discover by chance that her grandfather died far away from North Africa, in the Vietnam War and under suspicious circumstances. Willing to reveal the whole truth and redeem herself, Carla will undertake a risky trip to the exotic country of Southeast Asia. There she will meet Captain Ngoc Khánh, who has been obsessed for years with the disappearance of his own grandfather.
Both are unaware of it, but their family stories are not only connected, but also contain a secret that could shake a dark international organization that will do everything possible to prevent them from succeeding.
Will Carla and Khán be able to find out the fate of their grandparents and finally unravel one of the untold stories of the Vietnam War?

My intention is to be able to face the production of the draft of this novel throughout this summer. Currently, I am in the process of finishing the pre-production of everything necessary to be able to write this story. As for its publication, nothing is closed yet, but I am evaluating all the options to do self-publishing, as I have already done with my other novels, or looking for external partners.


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