I harmonize the designs and layouts of the editions of Mark of Odin on Amazon

This week I have published the 4th edition of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla on Amazon with which I have finished harmonizing the design and layout of all the Mark of Odin books on Amazon.

After the release of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok, with which I introduced a new design and layout, it was necessary to match the two previous books so that they all had the same type of design. In this way, at the end of January I published the 5th edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening. This version also introduced the change of format-size of the book, going from the old A5 to 6″x 9″.

The new structure, design rules and layout have managed to make better use of print spaces, as well as offer an improved reading experience. In the case of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla, it has gone from 650 pages to 505 pages. Thus, it has been possible to reduce the size considerably, without reducing the size of the text, making a more manageable book and not as bulky as the original.


I am very proud of these new editions, since they reinforce the personal and professional evolution and learning that I have had as a book editor, beyond being their writer.

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March 2022