A new adventure in Asia is coming!

In my latest Letter from the Author of Mark of Odin I have revealed an open secret for some time now: I am going to start an adventure in Asia. This trip that I will undertake in a few days will make me spend a good time outside of Spain, for several months if all goes well. That is why I wanted to share the changes that my absence will bring to the Mark of Odin service.

I have been preparing this trip for more than two years. The origin of it starts from personal and professional reasons. And it is that I want to take the opportunity to document and inspire myself for a potential independent book that I have in mind focused on Vietnam. On the other hand, I want to make a first contact and recon for project opportunities for myself and my Norwegian side of Megapop Games. Well, okay, I admit it… I hope to do real vacations and tourism, as I haven’t been able to do for a long time, while being a digital nomad.

As I said, I hope to be mainly in Vietnam, but if the conditions of this dystopian world that we are living in allow it, I hope to be able to visit other countries such as Thailand and Japan and even return to South Korea. If I feel like it, maybe I’ll start a series of posts on this blog about my travels, focused on offering a more specific vision of tourism. Not everything is going to be books, video games and marketing.

Stay tuned for my news, but I can assure you that the most exciting and interesting months are coming for me.



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April 2022