We launched Haxity Early Access … My sixth game now!

Who was going to tell me when I was only fourteen years old and I read Micromanía magazine and dreamed of writing for her that the day would come when I could say that I have worked and released six video games … Well, that day has already come, It did so on June 17, with the launch of Haxity Early Access, the first title for PC that we have developed at Megapop Games. To celebrate we shared a new gameplay trailer showcasing their new single-player roguelite campaign and offered a 10% weekly discount.

The truth is that the reception from the press and the players has been incredibly positive. After so many years of hard effort to be able to read impressions so impressive that they make us one of the best card games they have played. Saying that both the gameplay, the sound section and the artistic direction are outstanding. To cite just a part of one of the reviews that have been published to us …

“Haxity has exceeded my expectations in every way. I started out expecting a turn-based action title and that’s it, but I came across a game packed with strategic complexity and a great depth of customization and creation. I have been recommending this game to all of my friends. My friends. Haxity is a mix between characters that remind me of StarCraft and a really great deck-building system. Which is why I can absolutely say that this is the best deck builder I’ve ever played, and it can make it one of my favorite card games of all time. “ – Gaming Cyper, UK

As you can see above, this is just a small representation of all the news that has been published in media around the world about the launch of Haxity. The best thing is, this is just the beginning. We have already announced a first roadmap of content and features that we are preparing to share in the coming weeks and months. And it is that being in Early Access allows us to continue improving the game with the invaluable help of many external players.

After Age of Conan and The Secret World, Haxity has marked my return to PC and cannot make me happier. We have had great experiences in the mobile world, with Trolls vs Vikings, which has exceeded a million and a half downloads and still has very fanatical players and, more recently, with its second part, which we will continue to pamper soon, and Meganumbers . But in my heart I have always been a PC gamer and I feel happier creating projects for this platform.

What is clear is that with the launch of Haxity very exciting months of work await me that I hope to complement with my other great dream, Mark of Odin. In the meantime, I encourage you to give the game a try, either by purchasing your Early Access on Steam or by trying your luck in the raffle of 5 copies that I am doing in GoMultiplayer before it is finished.

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June 2020