‘Yes, they will pass. Spanish Civil War in 24 tweets’ will be my next XaviVerso thriller

Today I announced ‘Yes, they will pass. Spanish Civil War in 24 tweets’, a journalistic-political fiction thriller inspired by current events in Spain. This is the secret project whose production I revealed just twelve days ago and which will possibly be my most controversial novel to date.

I share the synopsis:

On November 23, 2023, a shocking event takes place that completely changes the history of Spain. Some will call it “Coup d’état”, others “Autocoup d’état”, but all will agree in defining it as “The 24-hour Spanish civil war”.

Told through the testimonies collected by the journalist and researcher Juan Vega a year later, this document captures, in a terrifyingly plausible way, a fictional Spain that could well be the real one much sooner than the average citizen imagines.

Through 24 tweets, people and chapters, I develop a fierce criticism of journalism, politics and current society. All this with a fluid narration and a dynamic story that offers numerous points of view that will make the reader doubt whether they are reading fiction or a historical novel that narrates the events that will take place in the near future.

We live in a very critical time and I think it is constructive to be able to offer readers in Spain a novel like this. With it I seek to raise awareness, make a lot of criticism, as I have said, but also offer hope, which is more necessary than ever.

Furthermore, with it I establish one of the premises that will define the XaviVerso: The Lines of the XaviVerso. This term will serve to define in which “timeline-universe” each of my books exists. Thus, the 1st Line for now includes the three ‘Mark of Odin’ books. While the 2nd Line includes ‘The stone lotus’ and soon, ‘Yes, they shall pass’. In the XaviVerso everything is connected, in one way or another. So readers will be able to discover connections, some direct, but others very subtle, that only the most fans will be able to detect.

As I already mentioned, ‘Yes, they will pass’ will be included in the great pre-order campaign that I will carry out to celebrate the launch of the XaviVerso online store. It will relaunch the second edition of ‘The Stone Lotus’, as well as the new editions of Mark of Odin: The Awakening, Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok.

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