I celebrate the 11th anniversary of Mark of Odin and the XaviVerso

This week is very special for me, as it marks the 11th anniversary of the release of Mark of Odin and the actual start of my XaviVerso. Eleven years since I opened the doors of this innovative transmedia literary project with which I wanted to offer new options to users to enjoy reading and my stories. If I look back, I can only marvel at all that I have achieved thanks to the support of my now close to 150,000 readers around the world.

Eleven years ago I launched the first version of the Mark of Odin online platform, at the same time that I published and edited Mark of Odin: The Awakening, my first book, along with the  #DisasterSeville trailer. This first installment of my saga that fuses modern times with science fiction and Norse mythology would be fed thanks to its extended universe of bonus chapters and extended stories. Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok would then follow, as readership and fans around the world continued to grow, thanks to the publication of the English edition of The Awakening. Last year, I went a step further, publishing my first independent novel, The Stone Lotus thriller. The XaviVerso was officially inaugurated, my literary universe where everything is connected.

In all this time I have tried to be everywhere, making an effort to publicize my books, interacting with my readers, creating new stories and traveling to expand the business of this project and the intellectual properties that support it. In this way, whether from Spain or traveling directly to Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei or Tokyo, I have been able to meet with publishers, animation studios, film producers, creative and business development agencies. It has been many years of sowing and with patience the fruits will end up being reaped.

That despite being an independent author and publisher, with limited resources, I have been able to reach nearly 150,000 readers around the world is hard to swallow. I know the best is yet to come. I know that these eleven years have been a very hard journey, plagued by storms, but also by unforgettable moments that have given meaning to my life. After all, I always say that everything is connected. I want to thank everyone who has accompanied and supported me throughout this journey or even if it was only during fragments of it.

When I started this adventure I was very aware that I was getting into an impossible battle, but, as I always say, I don’t believe in the impossible, only in the infinite horizon waiting to be reached by those who are capable of taking risks. Mark of Odin, The Stone Lotus and the future stories that I have on the waiting list to see the light deserve all my effort and enthusiasm. After all, there is no greater reward than making other people enjoy your work. So, I’m going to keep fighting so that more and more readers from all over the world can be part of my XaviVerso.

For the 12th anniversary!



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