XaviVerso goes to Asia

I am pleased to announce that at the end of this month I am going to start a three-month tour of Asia in which, in addition to traveling, discovering new places and cultures, I am going to introduce XaviVerso to different publishers and companies in Southeast Asia with the aim of to expand my intellectual properties. Specifically, my journey will take me back to countries like Thailand and Vietnam, while it will finally allow me to get to know others like Singapore, Taiwan or Japan.

I will not deny that my first objective is to try to force myself to rest a bit, relax, recharge and open my mind in order to attract creative inspiration again. On the other hand, I want to document different locations that may be of great interest for upcoming novels. In addition, I hope to carry out meetings and meetings with which to publicize both The Stone Lotus and Mark of Odin. Vietnam is the big goal for the first one, while Japan is the one for my popular transmedia literary saga.

To celebrate this important adventure that I am about to undertake, I have shared a new Letter from the Author with the fans of the XaviVerso. In it I give more details about what I am going to do and also the operational and logistical changes that will take place during my absence from Spain.

I think it’s very important to learn to take a breath and go looking for inspiration if it doesn’t come to you. What I have achieved with The Mark of Odin and The Stone Lotus is incredible, but there are very complex challenges ahead that require keeping the mind as fresh and active as possible. I hope that these months traveling, soaking up new experiences and making my work known, will allow me not only to nurture new projects to come, but also to make the current ones grow. See you in Asia!

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February 2023