I start the production of the final draft of my next Vietnam novel

This week I have finally been able to finish the pre-production process for my next novel, which will be the first fruit of my trip to Vietnam. As I announced a few weeks ago, with this book I intend that Spain and Vietnam meet in a fictional story, but that it will be inspired by real historical events. Yes, about the practically unknown Spanish presence during the Vietnam War.

This story, which will narrate two stories in parallel that will link the past with the present, promises to be an exciting thriller full of action, mystery, investigations, adventures, drama, hot topics of our current society and, above all, incredible real places that nobody may stop visiting someday.

After this period of pre-production after returning from Vietnam and the two months I spent there researching and documenting myself… This week I have finally started the production of the final draft. At the same time, I have created the internal review-editing group joined by a selection of trusted reviewers that will be able to review the story and text while I am finishing chapters of the book. Well, I’m happy to say that the initial feedback, from the prologue that serves as the starting point of the story, has been very positive.


As I usually do with the final drafts of Mark of Odin, every time I complete a chapter I will share it on my social media. Although this time I will not talk about “sealed runes”, but about “Declassified Archives”. So stay tuned if you want to keep up to date with my progress with this novel whose title I still can’t reveal, although I’ve already been dropping many clues these days in different publications.

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August 2022