Celebrating the 8th anniversary of GoMultiplayer magazine

February is coming and it’s time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of my digital magazine, GoMultiplayer. This project was born eight years ago to give continuity to the path that I undertook with only 17 years in the Micromanía magazine, and later, for almost 9 years, in Juegaenred, which was the first magazine in Spanish specialized in the game massively multiplayer online.

Since I made the transition from Juegaenred to GoMultiplayer, thanks to readers, collaborators and studios and editors we have published more than 12,000 news and articles. It is a figure that gives vertigo if one stops to think about the amount of hours invested, especially considering that this is a “hobby” project for me. And although I can’t give him all the pampering I want, I have a time slot reserved for him every day to continue feeding him.

And yes, compared to other media GoMultiplayer is a small magazine, but very specialized and with a loyal user base. Not for nothing this year, despite all the dire situation of Covid-19, I have managed to raise more than € 3,000 in prizes to raffle to celebrate the 8th anniversary. An achievement that has been possible thanks to our perseverance and the recognition of many companies that have known how to see that although small, we are a safe bet to reach their target audience.

We are going to keep working to make GoMultiplayer a better medium and also a better community. For this we have opened its Discord server to everyone and I hope that we can continue to grow despite all the current handicaps that we live in both the physical and digital world.

Everything is to follow this beautiful path that marked my life more than 20 years ago …

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February 2021