Mark of Odin

Discover the universe of this amazing saga

Mark of Odin: The Awakening

The start of an epic saga

September 2012.

The year is 2012, Luis Oden is about to graduate as an Aerospace Engineer and he expects to be chosen to participate in the ambitious Project Hermes, to develop a new generation of space shuttles in the new European Aerospace Center of Seville, Spain. His life is seemingly perfect until he begins to suffer recurring nightmares where mighty beasts, that seem to come from the Norse mythology, assault and torture him urging him to wake up. But wake up to what?

Meanwhile, Jack Preston, a Lieutenant Colonel from the USAF and responsible for the tests of the X-56 Phoenix, a prototype of an orbital superiority combat jet fighter, is sent together with his crew to Seville to review the development of the Hermes program. There he will meet Luis when they are chosen to star the parachuting exhibition for the Columbus Day.

Both Luis and Preston ignore it, but a dark menace is coming and only their choices will be able to give a chance to humanity to survive.


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Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla

The adventure continues with great surprises

Jack Preston and the survivors of the #DisasterSeville try to rebuild their lives and put the pieces of the enigma together. Why did they attack them? Who are these aliens and their saviors? Is the Earth still in danger? Who is behind the mysterious disappearances after the battle? Is everything connected? Meanwhile, Luis will wake up in the Valhalla ship confused and surrounded by strangers who treat him as if he were a reborn god. He will have to go a long way across the galaxy. An epic journey that will lead him to discover not only who the Order of the Valkyries, the Borean Federation and the terrible Hekkar are, but who he really is and what his role is to save humankind before the end of time, before Ragnarok.

Only available in Spanish for now