9 February, 2021

February is coming and it’s time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of my digital magazine, GoMultiplayer. This project was born eight years ago to give continuity to the path that I undertook with only 17 years in the Micromanía magazine, and later, for almost 9 years, in Juegaenred, which was the first magazine in Spanish…

25 December, 2020

I would like to dedicate a few words to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021. This year 2020 has been crazy, with many more challenges and obstacles than normal, but also with many possibilities for learning and strengthening. A year of many achievements but also of failures, from which…

17 September, 2020

2019 was a year in which I invested time and resources to be able to give a strong push to the internationalization efforts of Mark of Odin. I did this by holding several meetings in Los Angeles in February, and later in October, with a marathon of meeting madness over three days at the Frankfurt…

20 August, 2020

The transmedia literary universe of La marca de Odín will expand with audiobooks Nearly 100,000 readers have already joined the surprising saga that fuses current affairs with Norse mythology and science fiction in Spain SEVILLA, SPAIN – AUGUST 20, 2020 – Author and creator Xavier Marcé has announced the production of audiobook versions, in both…

14 July, 2020

This weekend has been very special for me, since Saturday marked eight years since the official launch of the transmedia literary project of Mark of Odin, its online platform and the first book I wrote, edited and published. To commemorate it, I shared a letter to the fans of the saga that I leave you…

27 June, 2020

Who was going to tell me when I was only fourteen years old and I read Micromanía magazine and dreamed of writing for her that the day would come when I could say that I have worked and released six video games … Well, that day has already come, It did so on June 17,…

September 2021